The Important Role of Albion Online Gear

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Gear and PvP combat both plays a very important role in Albion Online. We will introduction following content.

Rework the Gear Progression and Power Curve

Gear plays a very important role in Albion Online, and is also a core part of the player driven economy. Having said that, we believe that the current power curve of gear is far too steep, to a point where it becomes very hard to compete with players who are only few power levels higher in gear.

For the upcoming closed beta test, we will significantly flatten the gear power curve. Of course, rarer gear will always be stronger, but not by as much as it currently is

Also, we will develop a gear scaling feature which we can enable or disable for certain zones or certain types of hellgates. With gear scaling enabled, stronger gear will still be better than weaker gear, however, we can shrink the difference somewhat. Of course, higher end zones will not have any gear scaling. During closed beta, we will test this out and see how it works.

Gear Availability for PvP

PvP combat plays a huge role in Albion Online. We are always looking at ways in order to encourage and support PvP, without forcing it on people.

We will adjust resource distribution and the time it takes to create an item set in such a way that the effort it takes to create a decent PvP set is reduced.

High end gear will of course still be very rare and hard to get Cheap Albion Online Gold – however, if you want to venture out and do some PvP, it will be much easier to do than currently. And due to the flattened power curve, you will be able to compete, too – at least in the entry level PvP zones.

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About Running Suggestion List in Albion Online

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1. Better message, market interface (explained above),logs.

2. Balance resources: you have to balance resources. Actually, there aren’t no real efficient mechanism to balance the amount of resources in-game. The less people play (in particular pvp), the less resources are destroyed, you cannot know how many people play. And if for any reason (like actually) the population decreases, you will have an excess of resources.

You are quite protected from a penury of resources with the journals and the trans mutator, together they can generate resources for silver (but it could generate a penury of silver). Also I believe that in front of penury players would adjust their behavior more than facing an excess. Using lower tier items, taking less risks(to die) and gathering more.

You could modify the ratio resources/per item. At the begin of the CBT, I believe resources were too hard too find but that’s from a gathering point of view, not economical. When gathering, people don’t think that it’s the amount they need for an item. They just see the resources (and the destiny tree), it’s quite psychological. So you could increase the resource requirements for items. While I think you should, it would not create an efficient mechanism to find an equilibrium of resources in-game.

If you give people more reasons to pvp, with new endgame goals, you will also increase the resource sink and there is a small equilibrium effect, because richer people participate more inthe end-game and take more risks. Actually you would do the opposite by giving PVE players the possibility to get T6,T7 and T8 resources… T6 is already very easy to get, without many risks. Actually PVE players can just buy it, it’s really cheap.

You can also create achievements, that would require resources (building, upgrade of banks,…) The excess of resources could be used there (it works for PVE players).

I believe you really need a mechanism that would create an equilibrium between the production and sink of resources.

It would be nice to use the excess of resources to make more powerful items. You could crafts Tx items, with a Tx+1strength by using 5 times more resources. You could craft Tx items,with a Tx+n strength using 5n items. For example, I’m a T4 sword fighter and I’m quite rich, so I’d like to use a stronger sword, I decide to buy a T4 sword crafted with 80 T4 metal bars and 40 T4 leather. Later, I will note that sword T4+1 for an easier reading. I can use that sword without farming and being T5 but while paying morethan a T5 sword.

The coefficient 5 is chosen to make sure it’s cheaper to use T5 than T4+1, thus people who are T5 get a benefit but people who are T4 can sometimes wear an equipment as strong as T5, if they are willing to pay the price. Actually, in the current state of the game, most players would use the +1 (some +2,+3 some won’t) thus we would multiply by 5 the number of resources destroyed in pvp. If resources become rarer, people don’t use it and less resources are destroyed in pvp fights.

It’s possible to implement a limit, you could not be stronger than actual items. So you couldn’t be Tier 7.4 + 2 for a sword.

You would get the same fame than a normal crafted items and not 5 times more. So crafters won’t do it for fame.

It’s a ressource sink, that can assure that there is never an excess or lack of ressources in-game.
It’s a you-are-what-you-wear hardcore game, you should not always wear the top gear. It’s important that the cost of items is taken into account.
It’s possible to play without spending useless hours farming fame. You can PvP without doing PvE. It’s one of the major complain in the game. but you still get a great advantage from farming.
You can test an item before farming it.
You can exceptionally change your role, at acost. If you are a T7 DPS, you can buy a T4+3 healer staff, but that will be super expensive 125 time a T4 item (probably 10-20 times morethan a T7 item).
It’s a protected market for crafters since you wouldn’t do it for fame.

You cannot wear the best items for your tier. Lots of players wants to wear the top items for their tier, they won’t be able to afford it.
It’s a new feature, that might look a little bit weird and add complexity to the game. I believe the complexity is really worth the benefits.

3. More storage
Actually it’s mostly for comfort but it would change the behavior of most players. If someone wants to store a massive amount of some resource to create a penury he can do it easily, only normal players are affected by the lack of place in the bank.
It reduce the fluctuations on the markets allow more control and robustness. I believe that the crisis with very low price (to unlock recipes) could have been partially avoided if we were able to stock items. Actually you have no choice but sell you items after you crafted them.
PVE solo players would just keep their own resources,rather than selling it for a very small price. They would sell when they need silver, it would actually be way better for the market.
If we were able to upgrade the bank for a high cost maybe 100 refined T8 resources to double . the size and weight limit of the bank. It would be a nice way to use the resources, and very helpful.

4. Don’t allow reroll
The price of legendary items would raise and the price of low qualities would decrease.
It could be the source of income for crafters and also allow poor players to get cheap equipements.
I really don’t see any advantage of reroll, but beinga silver sink (and we don’t need one atm), note that the idea of resources for better equipment would be a resource sink like rerollis a silver sink.
It would add interest for high tier crafter to craftlower tiers, since they get a small quality bonus.

5. Benefits from crafting lower tier
You don’t get any benefit if you already unlocked the recipes. I really think there should be a benefit when you keep doing lower tiers. Quality bonus, crafting focus bonus and eventually resource return. For example when you have unlocked T6, actually you don’t have any benefit from crafting T4. It would be nice if you would increase the quality and crafting focus reduction, some lateral bonus. A crafting speed bonus would be nice too,

6. Items should be stackable
To stock, to place on the market, to manage on the market, to trade,..

7. Make it harder
Especially to unlock recipes, it will reduce the offer. If there is a lack of items on the market, it will be quickly filled, especially if you unlock recipes while crafting. While when there is an excess, people keep crafting because they have the resources and want to get fame for the destiny board. With the new feature, an excess of items on lower tiers would be reduced, making it harder would allow higher tier to be profitable.

If you read until here thanks, it’s quite long, but there are many improvement possible and I wanted to share them. Also,I’m sorry for my English. If something is too hard to understand I’ll try to reformulate it, if you ask.

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Is Albion Game Skilled Based Game or It Just You Gear?

I have a question is : is Albion game skilled based game or it just You gear? Then I will tell you, And if you Buy Albion Online Gold can help you batter experince the game.

We are gvg based guild, we are 10 active players and our guild have 1000gvg (98% yellow zone gvg), and i was looking for strong guild to fight us in yellow zone gvg for practice ( in game global chat), but one of the guys was desperately trying to explain me that is no point train in yellow zones cos all about this game is your gear. I dis agree with him, cos how you explain like example: we fought gvg with lot of guilds some one is coming with enchanted, 7.3 and so on, but we 80% easy winning against them even when we use 4.3 t6 epic ones and similar( ofc we all know that higher gear then t6 / 4.3 is nerfing, but they still have small advantage ).
So how can it be just gear based game?

I think this game based on :
50% – team work
30% – skill to dodge, predict, use and count enemy cool downs
and just 20% – your gear advantage ( let say if we fighting with 6.3 and they 7.3 )

What is You opinion what makes us good in pvp? what matter to be good at it?

I do agree that it is not the same like open world pvp, same surroundings and long time practice makes to coordinate easier, but i think people who done more gvg will be better and in word pvp, just knowing your right position, what do expect from enemies and etc

Gear is only about 10% or even lower.
Skillcap for GvG is not that high either and it’s mostly based on positioning and awareness. You can be really bad with timings, targeting, CD and mana management, but if your position is right you’ll do fine. I’d say skill is about 30% maybe.
Communication is a huge part. I’d group teamplay and communication in one category. Let’s call it Strategy It’s about 30% also.
And finally the most important part. Team composition. I give it a solid 30%, but it seems to play a way larger role.

Wanna win a lot? Get a Greathammer, Longbow, Cursed with Armor Piercer, Claws/Halberd for single target and a solid .2 Druid. You are golden.
We’ve only recently started tracking GvG stats thoroughly (with crazy ass excel sheets and stuff) but it is already obvious that one can win with bad players and good team composition at least as much as good players in a bad comp (double .2 cursed).

To sum it up for you
Gear: 10%
Skill: 30%
Strategy: 30%
Team Composition: 30%

Albion logo


Why Albion Online So Appeals to Me?

I like play game but the most attract me is Albion Online, why? Maybe have something about Albion Online that appeals to me. I like the top-down perspective and the stylized visuals, and of course I love the fact that it’s a sandbox and that it’s borrowing ideas (and even a designer) from EVE Online.

On the other hand, it’s free-to-play, and we all know how that worked out for the last sandbox that I was looking forward to!

What about you? Have you tried Albion’s early access yet? If so, what did you think? If not, do you plan buy some albion online gold to try this game at some point? Vote after the cut!

The Most Anticipated Game – Albion Online

Albion Online is an upcoming MMORPG being developed by Sandbox Interactive. Sandbox Interactive is a company based in Berlin, Germany. The game is a 3D sandbox MMORPG with player freedom being at the center of the game. Gamers will be able to buy land, build a house, gather resources, craft items which they can use or sell, and engage in Guild vs Guild or open world PVP.

Similar to FFXIV, classes in Albion Online are unique in that they are tied to gear. Any player can wear any piece of gear, so equipping a robe will allow the player the ability to use more powerful magic at the cost of reduced defense. Equipping a sword and crossbow will let players engage in melee or closed ranged combat. There are quests to level your battle stats and open world PVP or Guild vs Guild also allow the player to earn exp. This is fairly important later on, as players must venture into dangerous PvP areas to harvest the most valuable resources.

Housing is one of the important features on Albion Online. Houses give players more inventory storage, provide a respawn point, and give character buffs. Guilds can even take over whole cities, claiming taxes from those who live within the city, but who must also defend them against other guilds in 20 vs. 20 open world battles.

Albion Online is said to be one of the most anticipated games to be coming out on 2016. hurry up, If you have not to play. And in order to enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you can buy Albion Online Gold or Albion Online silver from

Come Join the Albion Online’s Castle Fights

Official release: Starting from Monday, May 23, until Sunday, July 3, we are running a Castle Fight event in Albion Online!

The goal of the event is to get a hold of as many castles as possible at the checkpoints listed below. Each castle will grant your guild one point. The top three guilds at the end of each week will get their custom guild logo implemented in the game. Any guild who can get first place twice during the event will receive the logo exclusively for them to use!

Each week will start on Monday, 11:00 UTC, and end the next Monday, 11:00 UTC. The only exception is the last week, which will end on Sunday, July 3, at 20:00 UTC. That means there are two fewer checkpoints in the last week of the event!

Each day has four checkpoints:

02:00 UTC
08:00 UTC
14:00 UTC
20:00 UTC
As there are six castles in the game, a guild can get a maximum of six points per checkpoint. We will update the leaderboard regularly and announce the winners every Monday in our Community News section!

Conquer Castles in the next 6 weeks to have your own guild logo implemented in Albion Online!

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Albion: Spells & Reforging / Crafting Buildings

Now, we will talking Crafting. Crafting is the final step of a three-part process to create usable items, after Gathering / Farms and Refining / Pastures. The great majority of equipment and consumable items in Albion Online are made via crafting.

Crafting is developed separately from both Gathering and Refining on the Destiny Board. In addition, Crafting is divided thoroughly into very specific specialties. And then, the other should needs albion gold.

# Crafting Buildings

Like Refining, all crafting is done at a particular Building:

– Toolmaker: Tools, Accessories, and Furniture
– Alchemist’s Lab: Potions
– Cook: Food
– Saddler: Mounts
– Workbench: Basic equipment for new characters
– Warrior’s Forge: Warrior weapons and Plate armor
– Mage’s Tower: Mage weapons and Cloth armor
– Hunter’s Lodge: Hunter weapons and Leather armor
The crafting of Potions, Food, and Mounts are unlocked through Farming, while all other items listed above are unlocked through Trainee Craftsman.

# Spells & Reforging
Equipped items such as weapons and armor provide new abilities and/or perks to wearers, called Spells.

Weapons provide three active Spells (attacks) on Q, W, and E, armors provide three active Spells (defensive) on R, D, and F, and most non-weapon equipment provides a single passive Spell.

Often, several Spells will be available for a particular slot, especially when selecting a passive, but only one Spell can be active in any one slot at a time. This choice is first made when crafting the item, but Reforging allows players to change the Spells of their armor at any Repair Station.

# Hierarchy

* Trainee Craftsman
Journeyman Toolmaker
– Demolition Hammer Crafter
– Sickle Crafter
– Skinning Knife Crafter
– Pickaxe Crafter
– Stone Hammer Crafter
– Axe Crafter
– Cape Tailor
– Bag Tailor

Journeyman Mage’s Tower Crafter
– Fire Staff Crafter
– [etc.]

Journeyman Hunter’s Lodge Crafter
– Bow Crafter
– [etc.]

Journeyman Warrior’s Forge Crafter
– Broadsword Crafter
– [etc.]

* Trainee Farmer



– Mount Trainer

My Ideas About Albion Online PvE

I have several ideas because I recently joined and I have been doing only PvE so I cannot speak about PvP experience. But in pve, targeting enemys is somewhat difficult when there is only a few mobs and lots of loot bags on the ground. Trying to get the target and but keep getting loot window open right in the middle of my screen.

This is my ideas

1. Make Albion Online Silver picked up automatically with out clicking, or completely remove silver drop and make it goes in to the bag directly(direct deposit)
Silver is shared in a group anyway and I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t want extra silver coins. If somebody really and absolutely doesn’t want extra silver, maybe we can have not accepting silver’ option in a group.

2. No tab auto targeting but ctrl/alt/shift targeting help keys.
* In my understanding tab-targeting is auto targeting? correct me if I am wrong.
* What I am suggeting instead is keep the game click-targeting based but use ctrl/alt to change target group.
* Normal click will select anything while ctrl+click will select only friendly target and nothing else.
* Alt+click will select only hostile target so you won’t get loot bag instead when you don’t want it.(Or in pvp which I don’t have any experice on yet, you won’t accidentally picking a resource)
* Shift+click for target your opponent but you don’t move toward target. Maybe useful for ranged ambush.