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1. Better message, market interface (explained above),logs.

2. Balance resources: you have to balance resources. Actually, there aren’t no real efficient mechanism to balance the amount of resources in-game. The less people play (in particular pvp), the less resources are destroyed, you cannot know how many people play. And if for any reason (like actually) the population decreases, you will have an excess of resources.

You are quite protected from a penury of resources with the journals and the trans mutator, together they can generate resources for silver (but it could generate a penury of silver). Also I believe that in front of penury players would adjust their behavior more than facing an excess. Using lower tier items, taking less risks(to die) and gathering more.

You could modify the ratio resources/per item. At the begin of the CBT, I believe resources were too hard too find but that’s from a gathering point of view, not economical. When gathering, people don’t think that it’s the amount they need for an item. They just see the resources (and the destiny tree), it’s quite psychological. So you could increase the resource requirements for items. While I think you should, it would not create an efficient mechanism to find an equilibrium of resources in-game.

If you give people more reasons to pvp, with new endgame goals, you will also increase the resource sink and there is a small equilibrium effect, because richer people participate more inthe end-game and take more risks. Actually you would do the opposite by giving PVE players the possibility to get T6,T7 and T8 resources… T6 is already very easy to get, without many risks. Actually PVE players can just buy it, it’s really cheap.

You can also create achievements, that would require resources (building, upgrade of banks,…) The excess of resources could be used there (it works for PVE players).

I believe you really need a mechanism that would create an equilibrium between the production and sink of resources.

It would be nice to use the excess of resources to make more powerful items. You could crafts Tx items, with a Tx+1strength by using 5 times more resources. You could craft Tx items,with a Tx+n strength using 5n items. For example, I’m a T4 sword fighter and I’m quite rich, so I’d like to use a stronger sword, I decide to buy a T4 sword crafted with 80 T4 metal bars and 40 T4 leather. Later, I will note that sword T4+1 for an easier reading. I can use that sword without farming and being T5 but while paying morethan a T5 sword.

The coefficient 5 is chosen to make sure it’s cheaper to use T5 than T4+1, thus people who are T5 get a benefit but people who are T4 can sometimes wear an equipment as strong as T5, if they are willing to pay the price. Actually, in the current state of the game, most players would use the +1 (some +2,+3 some won’t) thus we would multiply by 5 the number of resources destroyed in pvp. If resources become rarer, people don’t use it and less resources are destroyed in pvp fights.

It’s possible to implement a limit, you could not be stronger than actual items. So you couldn’t be Tier 7.4 + 2 for a sword.

You would get the same fame than a normal crafted items and not 5 times more. So crafters won’t do it for fame.

It’s a ressource sink, that can assure that there is never an excess or lack of ressources in-game.
It’s a you-are-what-you-wear hardcore game, you should not always wear the top gear. It’s important that the cost of items is taken into account.
It’s possible to play without spending useless hours farming fame. You can PvP without doing PvE. It’s one of the major complain in the game. but you still get a great advantage from farming.
You can test an item before farming it.
You can exceptionally change your role, at acost. If you are a T7 DPS, you can buy a T4+3 healer staff, but that will be super expensive 125 time a T4 item (probably 10-20 times morethan a T7 item).
It’s a protected market for crafters since you wouldn’t do it for fame.

You cannot wear the best items for your tier. Lots of players wants to wear the top items for their tier, they won’t be able to afford it.
It’s a new feature, that might look a little bit weird and add complexity to the game. I believe the complexity is really worth the benefits.

3. More storage
Actually it’s mostly for comfort but it would change the behavior of most players. If someone wants to store a massive amount of some resource to create a penury he can do it easily, only normal players are affected by the lack of place in the bank.
It reduce the fluctuations on the markets allow more control and robustness. I believe that the crisis with very low price (to unlock recipes) could have been partially avoided if we were able to stock items. Actually you have no choice but sell you items after you crafted them.
PVE solo players would just keep their own resources,rather than selling it for a very small price. They would sell when they need silver, it would actually be way better for the market.
If we were able to upgrade the bank for a high cost maybe 100 refined T8 resources to double . the size and weight limit of the bank. It would be a nice way to use the resources, and very helpful.

4. Don’t allow reroll
The price of legendary items would raise and the price of low qualities would decrease.
It could be the source of income for crafters and also allow poor players to get cheap equipements.
I really don’t see any advantage of reroll, but beinga silver sink (and we don’t need one atm), note that the idea of resources for better equipment would be a resource sink like rerollis a silver sink.
It would add interest for high tier crafter to craftlower tiers, since they get a small quality bonus.

5. Benefits from crafting lower tier
You don’t get any benefit if you already unlocked the recipes. I really think there should be a benefit when you keep doing lower tiers. Quality bonus, crafting focus bonus and eventually resource return. For example when you have unlocked T6, actually you don’t have any benefit from crafting T4. It would be nice if you would increase the quality and crafting focus reduction, some lateral bonus. A crafting speed bonus would be nice too,

6. Items should be stackable
To stock, to place on the market, to manage on the market, to trade,..

7. Make it harder
Especially to unlock recipes, it will reduce the offer. If there is a lack of items on the market, it will be quickly filled, especially if you unlock recipes while crafting. While when there is an excess, people keep crafting because they have the resources and want to get fame for the destiny board. With the new feature, an excess of items on lower tiers would be reduced, making it harder would allow higher tier to be profitable.

If you read until here thanks, it’s quite long, but there are many improvement possible and I wanted to share them. Also,I’m sorry for my English. If something is too hard to understand I’ll try to reformulate it, if you ask.

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