How To Improve The Heat Resistance Of Pet Preform

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The heat resistance of Pet Preform used in our daily life is not very good. This problem is very troublesome for us. The following small series provides us with a way to improve the heat resistance of PET preforms. 1 preform injection cooling time control. Strictly control the cooling time of preforms and make the preforms demould as early as possible. This shortens the molding cycle and increases the yield, and induces globular crystallization due to the higher residual temperature. The crystal diameter of the spherical crystal is extremely small (only 0.3 mm to 0.7 mm) and does not affect the transparency.

2 Choose a reasonable preform and bottle plan. Optimized preform shape planning and Pet Bottle Mould planning help to improve the wall thickness of the bottle and prevent distortion or shortening of deformation in different areas of the bottle;

3 Strictly control the injection and drawing-blowing process parameters and the temperature distribution of each zone to prevent the residual stress from being released at the PET glass transition temperature (>75 °C) and causing the bottle to deform.

4 cycle blowing skills. When using a hot-blow mold, how to control the deformation of the bottle after demolding is essential. Before blowing the mold, the air is blown into the air and circulated, the bottle is cooled and shaped, and then the amount of deformation after demolding is manipulated. The intake air of the circulating cooling air passes through the same passage as the initial blowing and the secondary blowing, but is exhausted from the small hole of the drawing rod through the drawing rod. The cycle blowing time is about 0.5 seconds to 2 seconds. Therefore, the high-pressure air consumption of the heat-resistant bottle bot is much higher than that of the ordinary bottle bot.

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