Question about FFXIV the weathered auroral gear via tomes

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Hey everyone quick question. Bard is my primary, so as soon as I hit 50 I didn’t go too far because I did Ifrit hard first and sucked at it so would just do low level roulette to get Buy FFXIV Gil tomes and then keep at it doing Ifrit to top up my tomes when I’d only need a few more. Was a good way to see how I was improving as going through it without dying was like a success, then Garuda, Titan etc.

On my Bard I have the whole weathered gear set from Revenants Toll just at ilvl 100 still. I just unlocked World of Darkness so can upgrade them that way also. Anyway I have like 1200 tomes now as I still do Bard while leveling my WHM. Was just wondering though with the expansion coming I don’t know how that affects things, but is it worth spending those tomes on my WHM to gear up? Or is it better to run dungeons instead? By the time I hit 50 with WHM I’m sure I’ll have at least 2000 tomes since doing story quest roulette usually has a new person then it’s like 220 tomes. Just don’t want to waste them so wanted to see if it’s worth it using them for WHM gear since I’ll be at the 2000 cap soon, or if there’s better gear I should focus on instead? Thanks!

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FFXIV New emotes and house sharing for married couples

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Hi, it would be awesome if this game has the regular kiss emote rather than blowing one and a rest emote where we can lay down pretty much anywhere. Also I wud like to ask if u can implement house sharing Cheap FFXIV Gil with only married couples. It makes a whole lot of sense for wedded ppl to share the same house to live in.

Well this is all I have for now, I have plenty of suggestions but this is what I want the most.

This is a suggestion that has been made at the very least a dozen times, and while I would love to share a house with my bf, I don’t see this happening any time soon sadly.

they need/want dropping due to FFXIV RNG

So I get cheap ffxiv gil it developers want us to spend a lot of time to continue playing the game to pay our subs. However there comes a time when you should realise that maybe considering how long it takes to do these 24-man raids the rewards should come bit more often. What I’m suggesting is that the bosses drop more than 1 piece of gear such as Coil bosses do. Because as people have stated several times they are tired of doing these raids and not seeing the gear they need/want dropping due to RNG (ALL HAIL RNG!).No it’s not asking gear to be handed to us and no it’s not going to make people stop running them. So why then has the 24 -man raids still not been fixed in this regard? Coil has dropped 2 pieces for a long time and they take considerably less time to clear than a full run of the 24-man raids.

SE should abolish the duty finder limitation for end game FFXIV dungeons?

Anyone feels that SE should abolish the duty finder limitation for end game dungeons? For the past two months, I have been trying to clear T12 but there were just so few practice best place to buy ffxiv gil groups, and when I was able to join, by pressing refresh again and again on the party finder (“PF”) during prime time, well, they are practice groups and clearing it seemed impossible, not because of the contents, but for the reasons below.

The problem with PF, at least on my server, is that it is basically divided into “cleared” or practice groups. Good luck if you don’t clear within the first month, as people with statics or have otherwise cleared will almost never accept people who have not cleared in PFs. The world is forever divided, and as time goes by, practice groups become fewer and the chance you can clear with PF becomes even slimmer.

Wanna sneak into a ‘cleared’ group once you gathered enough experience? Oops, the group will be granted 100 soldiery points because someone hasn’t cleared! No one will thank you for the 100 soldiery points but it becomes a noob indicator, despite that the only difference between the noob and the “cleared” guys is maybe the last 5%. Real noobs can usually be identified pretty quickly, so there is just no point of such indicator, whether it was what SE intended or not. If it were 100 poetics, at least those who have cleared MAY consider going FFXIV Power leveling along. But 100 soldiery is definitely just a “noob” indicator as discussed.

Excuse my ignorance: can’t use Final Fantasy XIV swiftcast while synced?

Hello everyone! First time poster here FFXIV Gil Coupon. After reading up on SCH guides and seeing how swiftcast is a great cross skill I decided to finally level up thaumaturge to get it (Ended up really enjoying and decided why not become a BLM too?).

Everything seemed great until I started doing temple of Qarn with a friend and I noticed in the first boss when attempting to use my swiftcast+resurrection macro, it didn’t execute the swiftcast on me. Naturally, I thought perhaps it was my bad on making an error of some sort on my macro and manually pressed swiftcast, then regular rez. Well it turned out that even pressing swiftcast alone didn’t work because my level was synced. I feel like it’s strange because isn’t Qarn a lvl 35 dungeon and swiftcast is a lvl 26 ability? Do I need to level my BLM to 35 to use it there and other dungs?

Come to think of it.. I don’t think I could even use it in Haukke either (Before BLM crystal). I swear I’ll feel so dumb if it’s something I missed FFXIV Power leveling lol

Steps of Final Fantasy XIV Faith needs an ilevel raise…

I don’t normally ask this, but because of the nature of the zone it should not be ilevel 90. Unlike most ffxiv powerleveling zones before it and WoD you seriously need that DPS and ilevel 90s pretty much just drag everyone else down. They simply don’t have the DPS for the final boss and the adds, or the raw health to survive the AoEs. That is why so many people leave.

I’m not asking for the zone to be nerfed in any way though.

My recommended ilevel for the zone is 105-110. Which shouldn’t be too hard for anyone whose made it that far. I have 2 toons who are both ilevel 115 and i’ve only been playing for 2 months.

I do somewhat agree with this… but somewhat not… If the i90 person knows what they’re doing they should be able to do it no problem. 😛 Problem is most don’t know how to push their abilities and job to its fullest, so higher ilevel covers up for bad players.

I did it on one of my alts, whom was about ilv90

My aggro on vishap was higher than the FFXIV DPS who were all decked out in their full 120-130 gear.

Flying Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV Expansion

“From the lowest valleys to the highest floating islands, no terrain will be beyond your reach.”

If that right there is true I will be one happy fellow. I love FFXIV Powerleveling flying in games and exploring, but in most of the few and rare MMORPGs with flying mounts there’s always invisible walls I find myself bumping into and it sort of kills the immersion (I know, I know, “immersion” is that word that lots of people hate when it’s brought up, but I enjoy RP and exploration in my MMORPGs, so to me it’s important!).

For the three months of playing FFXIV, one of the things I have loved most about the game’s design is how it constantly finds ways for you to go back to old zones, something that most (if not all) MMORPGs fail to do. I love how varied and detailed each zone is (although admittedly the graphics don’t really make use of my beastly gaming rig, but hopefully the DirectX 11 update in the expansion improves upon this though), and my only real complaint about zones would be that they still feel a bit maze-like, but it’s a vast improvement over 1.0, that is for sure!

tdlr: Can’t wait for expansion to explore more with flying mounts! (Notice how I didn’t tell you peeps at the beginning that there was a tdlr for the lazy? I made you read. I did that. I made you a little bit smarter Final Fantasy XIV Gil today. I deserve some cake. Excuse me while I go get some.)

Help with Final Fantasy XIV Glamour

(only subforum i think this thread can fit in sense it has to do with items)

So I just recently got the postmoogle cap.
My idea is to use the postmoogle cap in an outfit like ffxiv gil
-jotaru kujo from jojo’s bizarre adventure
-The comic shop manager from lucky star
-daidoji from senran kagura

You kind of get the idea of the look i’m going for.
So anyways I’ve been trying to look for an open coat type thing, hopefully with roll up sleeves.

I’m trying to make this outfit for Monk so to glamour it i needs to be equippable by mnk/pug, disciple of war, all. I found a really great body piece, the battlemage robes which is open jacket and roll up sleeves unfortunately it’s disciple of magic. The look I’m going for looks way cooler for a melee user than a magic user though. I found the cohemian’s coat, but that’s male only (and seasonal).

Help, I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t find anything to fit uwu

Do you think we will get new systems in Final Fantasy XIV 3.0?

Right now all they are telling us is kinda more FFXIV Gil of the same (More FATEs, More Leves, More Hunts, More Treasure hunts/ Tombstone etc.). Do you think we will get something different.

Like maybe something to do with the 4 Houses of Ishgard and us choosing a house to reside in and do missions in or even competing against each other.

Something different. Don’t get me wrong I love that they are expanding the old stuff, but I kinda want something fresh. ( Hopefully they will tell us just that in the next live letter or at E3?)

It depends on how they implement it, the rewards they give and the replay value it has. Raids are geared towards people that like really hard stuff. Something that is difficult but manageable for everyone to do.

Having them focus too much on 1 thing can be a bad thing, I wanna do different activities, not spam Alex all day everyday. I just hope for something new. As far as I can see it Alex is more of the same as Coil, until they provide more details about it. Coil ( Going inside Bahamut), Alex going inside Primal. It’s the same thing until more information is brought up.